Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I like to Sew!!

Today I have decided it's time for a new sewing project! I think it will be an apron. I have lots of Old and New Patterns that I have collected or bought. The one on the left is a new pattern and the one on the right is an old 1964 Simplicity Pattern. By the way I have this thing with Vintage Patterns and I have collected a few over the years.

About 9 years ago I walked into a local Pawn shop and bought me an old sewing machine. Eager to learn I sat in front of the sewing machine and gave it my very best. Over the years I have gotten better but I am still my worst critic. My old sewing machine has stuck with me and I couldn't imagine ever getting rid of my old faithful sewing machine.


  1. u made your costumes for the lisa halloween party right? Trust me sewing agrees with you sweetie! I made curtains for my house with a trusty glue gun. LOL I couldn't sew to save my life. LOL

  2. "I love your sewing machine and vintage patterns Sis". It reminds me of Mom and Welita Carolina. Luv Ya Sis!!!

  3. Roberta, yes I did make those Costumes! ha!! Glue Gun works too. ha!!!

    Sis, yea that's why I hold them dear to my heart. :)