Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Roots

My Roots

Was looking for a pic in my files and found these pics, I had taken last year for Christmas. They made me laugh and had to share.

This is my Mom and Dad "My Roots" I love them to death. Very much Old Skool, God fearing, hard working, buena gente.

My Mom reminds me of a rose with thorns. Don't let her Beauty and 5ft petite frame mistake you she is feisty!

My Dad reminds me of an old antique car; he hasn't changed his hairstyle, style of clothing, style of shoes ever since I can remember. A 100% cotton collared shirt, a pair of jeans my Mom has to hem, and his flip flops.

Let me tell you my Dad HATES taking pictures but my Mom was adament on taking these pics (she gets in her mood) so here's a collage to them. Enjoy.

First take of the day, my Dad comes out of the shower sporting this OLD hairstyle, I guess he wore as a teenager. He use to tell me if you don't pass your grades I am going to show up to your school with this hairstyle. Thank God I never did fail. ha!! My Mom didn't even realize it until she saw me laughing hysterically. She tells him, "You better go fix your hair!" So he heads back to the Bathroom.......

Second take, comes out of the bathroom again. My Mom couldn't help it this time but laugh. I was tearing up with laughter. He sported a Waldo haircut that he does every now and then when he's in a good mood and wants to make us laugh. My Mom tells him ok hurry up and go brush your hair. My Dad heads back into the Bathroom......

Take Three; Chihuahas!! Open your eyes!!

Take four; Again?!

Take 5; Boy is he in trouble!! ha!!!

Snapped them!!! ha!! My Mom didn't want his flip flops to come out in the pic. I said to her why not? that is my Dad, a part of My Roots.

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  1. Awwwwwww, I miss my Mom and Dad. :0(

    Funny Pix Sis. Luv Ya!!!!