Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still Here just been busy

Picture taken Last October at Cottonfest

I have been extremely busy working on some projects for upcoming festivals that I will put my own personal sewing projects and tastes into this year. Last year we had a booth with Floral arrangements by my Mom to wood works and it was alot of fun and we had a good turn out. So far I have a few things put together and am wondering if they will sell? hmmm..... I guess we'll see. :)

I had a friend order an apron from me so she is going to get it on Saturday and so I hope to post pics of her with my Apron on. So stay tuned......


  1. I was wondering if you all were going to do craft shows again this year??
    They are fun!
    Brandie and I are busy also, since we are going to do some craft shows also.

    Luv U all Sis!

    ~Amor, Familia Y Cultura~

  2. Yea we have some ideas put together and Sandra is doing really good with some stuff. Mom has started cleaning to make room for her crafting. Wish us luck!! and best of luck to you'll!! :) I think the first one we will be in will be at the end of September and I have told myself to make atleast 2 or 3 things a days so that I can have a variety of things. So far I have Boys, Girls clothes. Female and Male Aprons. Table Runners...and some other ideas.