Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thinking about my Halloween Costume for 2009

Today I was sitting here and thinking What will our Halloween Costume be this year? Last year we were invited to a Big Halloween Bash given by the Lopez family in the town I live in. It's an Adults Only Halloween Party and they have music, games, and prizes. We attended last year for the first time and we had alot of fun. I Love Tim Burton he is our family favorite director...Edward Scissorhands, 1989's Batman, The Corpse Bride, and Coraline just to name a few. So picking out our costume was easy and had to get really creative. I recycled a Bridesmaid dress that I had sitting in my closet and painted our faces to resemble that of the characters in the movie. Everyone got a kick out of our Costumes and some didn't know what we were. We left early but was told that we would've won most scariest costume and dinner for two at Macaroni Grill ha!!! And the winners last year were a couple that went as Adam and Eve, those were two very creative costumes and funny!!! I wish I would've gotten a picture of them! So, I am biting my bottom lip and thinking what can I do for this year? ugh!!! I want something Unique and creative. hmmmm.....Stay tuned for October to see with what I come up with!! I know it's still a ways away but I need to prepare for it now or atleast have an idea!! If you have an idea share it PleaSE!!!!! :) Have a Happy Hump Day!!!

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  1. Your costumes were cool Sis! I don't have any suggestions "YET" but if I have any I will let you know. :0)

    Thanx for the Chancla story. LMAO!! "My nephews are crazy".

    Luv U Sis!!!