Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food For Thought

(This Pic was taken by me because I was paying at the register at Old Navy and couldn't find him when I looked at the display there he was standing very still) LMAO!!! I had to snap this pic.

This is my youngest son his name is Aaron aka "Helmet" (cause every summer he lets his hair grow out and well his hair is not thin it's thick and grows sticking right up) and he is 9 yrs old. He is the life of the Party and definately keeps us all grounded.

Well, yesterday afternoon when I got home from work he says, "Mom I have my report card I need you to sign", "ok" I said. As I was going to sign his report card he tells me Mom, "What does High Waters Mean?" , I said Why? He says, "Well some of the kids at school said I have High water pants on, LOOK!! I looked at him and his fingers pointing down towards his ankles and I could see them. I asked, "What the heck happened to your pants? Did they shrink? JUST TAKE THEM OFF!!" (I was visibly upset cause I just bought him pants to start school and well, sometimes these kids grow out of these clothes very fast but damn he still has some with tags on them) and he keeps on and on, on how he was the center of attention all day today (with a Big Smile on his face) As I grabbed the pants from him I saw size 10. WTH?! He hasn't worn a size 10 in 3 years. He wears a size 14 (Once they grow out of their clothes or have worn them out to the threads I put them in a box for a Garage sale or simply throw them away if they are in bad condition) How could it have slipped by me? How did I not notice him as he got off my truck as I dropped him off at school? LMAO!! Man, I am turning into my worst nightmare! I then asked Aaron, "How did you squeeze your buns in here?" he said, (Laughing hard) "Well I sucked it in as best as I could and it wasn't easy". hahahahaha!!! Geez, I couldn't stop laughing. I never found out How those Size 10 jeans made it back into our pile of clothes but somehow they sneaked back in.

These are the times that will be remembered for a Long Long time. That's the good thing with this kido, it takes alot to get the best of him.


Have a Happy Thirsty Thursday!!!


  1. Too funny! Love the pic!


    He is def. my P.J's twin!!

    I don't think they work hard at being the "Center" of attention?
    (It just happens!)
    "But they, sure make the "Best" of any "Bad" situation. LOL!!

    I'm glad they make "Memorable", and funny memories in our lives.
    Awwwww, *Tear*.....
    "They make our lives BEAUTIFUL".

    Luv U Sis and I miss you all (especialy my babies!)