Friday, September 11, 2009

Much Needed Rain

South Texas has been getting some much needed rain showers lately. We were in drought for about 11 months. Well, no drought no more!! I think all of us here in South Texas have spent the last several months doing the rain dance. ha!! YEAH!!! I didn't mind getting some rain drops on me or didn't mind the muddy shoe prints my kids (and our dog) brought inside. In fact, it gave me this warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. At night you can even hear the crickets singing as the rain comes, the little Birds playing in the puddles of water on the sides of the roads. The Big Sun Flowers in the Farm fields seemed like they were trying to reach for the skies to absorb the water first. So I would just like to report that we are all Happy here in South Texas and enjoying these Rain Showers!

Thank You Jesus!!


  1. Love the way you bring me into, "My much missed" South Texas World. :0)

    Luv U Sis!

    *It's also raining in North Texas*

  2. Mama Karebare, I am gonna keep this rain just a few days longer and then I'll see what dance move I can come up with to send it your way. ha!!

    LatinMomof4punks, STX misses you too!!