Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Lunch Date

My Mom called me for a lunch date at her home. Her cooking beats any Restaurant I know, cause like most of you'll aint nothin better than your Mom's cookin. She made Fideo with Beans (Favorite Mexican Spaghetti Dish) often made at my Mom's. Bag of Beans cost about a buck and a box of Fideo (Vermicilli) under a buck and some homemade Tortillas priceless!!! YUMMY!!!! :) Oh and I almost forgot the Sweet Iced Tea. I sometimes think there is gonna come a day in my life when I am gonna wish with all my heart I could taste my Mom's Fideo but for now I am going to savor every spoonful!! :) I always look forward to Lunch Dates with my Mom and bonding conversations that only a daughter could share with her Mother. Funny how something so simple could be so Important and meaningful to me.


  1. Awwwwww, Wish I was there. *Tear*
    "But I'm glad you enjoyed a wonderful Tuesday Lunch Date with our Madre".
    Everything looks delicious! I miss my Mom's cooking and convo. :0(

    Luv Ya Sis!!!!!!

  2. Awe...Wish you were here too!!!

    Luv Ya !!